Bringing "Global Standards of Nutrition" to India

Svamitva NutriWorld brings to India International health and nutrition products.
The main objective of our firm is to provide international standard health products and benefits to people all around India


MAXS, having its headquarter in Victoria, Australia has 30 years of rich experience in range of bodybuilding supplements and is designed and formulated to meet the needs of serious bodybuilders and weight trainers. Whether you’re training to build muscular mass and strength or you want to build a lean ripped and muscular physique, Maxs has the right supplement for you.

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MAXINES, a popular product range for women, Maxine’s provides a wide variety of Fat Burning protein supplements. Maxine’s is all about providing many great ways of getting the protein and nutrients you need to burn, tone and boost your body. Whether it’s protein powders, protein bars, or high protein drinks, Maxines has got the hardest trainer’s nutritional needs covered.

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